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About Us

At Mystic Retreat Med Spa & Weight Loss Center our clinical staff members are licensed health care professionals that have developed expertise and specialization in aesthetic medicine. It is our mission to provide our clients with customized treatments and procedures that are safe and effective in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. 

Misty Sinclair, MD
Dr. Sinclair graduated West Texas A&M Summa Cum Lauda. She graduated medical school from Texas Tech University. Residency brought her to North Carolina at Wake Forest in Winston Salem. She has lived and practiced in NC for over 15 years.


She is boarded in Neurology and Sleep medicine. While at Wake Forest she was involved with some of the early trials for Botox. She is a certified Botox trainer and has trained numerous physicians in the art of Botox. 

She is an experienced injector with years of experience. She loves transforming patients to become their most beautiful!

Misty Sinclair, MD 

Marcia Ballard FNP-BC

Marcia graduated from UNC-CH with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing-with honors-alpha alpha. She received her Masters of Science in Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner degree from Duke University in 1996.


Marcia has been practicing Family Medicine in Carthage for over 20 years and loves her patients. She has a passion for building self-confidence and health maintenance.

With Marcia's new extensive training in Aesthetics it enables her to help men and women feel more confident.

Marcia Ballard FNP-BC
Katherine Roland, RN, BSN, MS

Katherine Roland, RN, BSN, MS     

Kate graduated from Bob Jones University in 2001 with a BSN in Nursing, followed by a Master's of Science also. Kate worked in Pediatric ICU & Neonatal ICU for more than 20 years of her career in SC, VA, and NC in the hospital settings.  After relocating back to Moore County, NC (where she grew up and has loving family close by), Kate was looking for change as her 4 children were keeping her quite busy.  Kate had worked briefly in aesthetics and also for a plastic surgeon in the operating room, and a short conversation during a routine checkup with Ms. Ballard...and the rest is history at Mystic Retreat Medical Spa.

Kate has a passion for building self-confidence in women, and helping them see their own beauty both inside and out, saying she brings out the beauty of her patients by giving them a little "refreshing" of what is already there. Kate has often been referred to as the "Aesthetic Nurse Therapist" as she does her job with skill & compassion.


With over 8 years in Aesthetics, Kate loves making each and every patient look and feel their best and has been trained and highly skilled in all the treatments we offer at Mystic Retreat.

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